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Amid the fanfare, the excitement, resentment, and fervor surrounding the rollout of the new Healthcare exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, the one topic that everyone can agree on is that the Federal Marketplace Website at flat out stinks.  For IT professionals, however, there is much to be learned from the issues that have […]

“What” is the most important aspect of Enterprise Architecture(?)

A common question frequently asked in regards to Enterprise Architecture is the question, “What is the most important aspect to keep in mind when considering an Enterprise Architecture initiative?”  The only logical answer to this question is, “That is correct!  What IS the most important aspect when considering an Enterprise Architecture initiative”.

Work-around for the exchange identity verification bug

Applicants that signed on within the first few days were unable to verify their identity through the Experian identification process due to the heavy load on the system.  The identity verification would fail, and the account would be forever locked out from trying again.  The system would then ask the applicant to upload documents for […]

Business is Analog, IT is Digital: Making the Connection

Over the course of the last two decades, the world has seen a steady acceleration of growth in its thirst for information.  The dawn of the information age has brought a new enlightenment to the masses, where the question of if information is available has ceded to the question of where information is available.  Businesses at […]